Class Name: Cherry

Year Group: Reception / Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to Cherry Class. We are the Foundation Stage class and the youngest children in our school.

We do lots of practical learning activities, both indoors and outdoors which enable us to play, talk, explore, create, think, investigate, wonder, observe and generally be very noisy and messy in our first year of full time school!

We learn best through purposeful play experiences in a stimulating environment which includes a balance of activities planned by our teacher and others which are initiated by ourselves when we follow our own ideas.

Throughout the year our learning is structured through ‘Learning Challenges’ such as, ‘What are my favourite things?’, ‘Why does the dragon dance?’, ‘What does Fireman Sam do?’ and ‘Who are the famous animals in my books?’ It’s lots of fun in Cherry Class…..Why don’t you come and say hello?

Home Learning Timetable


Book Bags including..

  • A ‘reading’ book to read to an adult.
  • A ‘library’ book your child has chosen to share with an adult.
  • Jolly Phonic Book with new sounds taught each week.
  • Tricky word fan
  • Phonic word fan


Maths – This is often a game or practical activity.


An activity linked to the class ‘Learning Challenge’ or Theme./p>


Parents and carers are invited to add their own contributions to their child’s Learning Journey by completing ‘Wow’ sheets when their child does something they are proud of. A guidance booklet is given to parents with ideas linked to the areas of learning in the Foundation Stage Curriculum. Many of these ‘Wow’ sheets are displayed on the ‘Wow Wall’ outside the classroom.

Spelling lists for the year

‘Tricky words’ introduced during Reception Year as part of the Jolly Phonics Scheme:
(NB: Many of these are also on the National Curriculum list for Year 1)

I, the, he, she, me, we, be, was, to, do, are, all, you, your, come, some, said, here, there, they, go, no, so, my, one, by, like, have, live, give, only, old, little, down, what, when

Teacher & Staff