Year 2

Class Name: Rowan

Year Group: 2

School Closure – Resources / Websites for home learning


Ms Adams’ Learning Pack for Year 2 – click here to download


Edinburgh zoo live cam



KS1 and KS2 Maths



KS1 Art


KS1 all subjects


KS1 stories, poems craft and maths


KS1 Maths English and PSHE


Year 2 reading – a variety of books to read for free online.


Year 2 Maths


Year 2 Maths and English

Spelling lists for the year

This list is a guide to the type of words children will need to spell at the end of KS1. It is important that pupils also recognise the different spelling patterns.

away, good, how, did, man, would, or, took, home, who, didn’t, bear, can’t, again, things , new, after, everyone, our, two, play, take, thought, find, more, I’ll, magic, shouted, us, fox, through, way, must, red, door, these, began, boy, next, first, work, that’s, baby, fish, something, bed, may, live, say, soon, small, car, couldn’t, king, town, I’ve, garden, fast, only, let’s, much, suddenly, great, why, cried, last, jumped, because, before, gran, clothes, fun, place, mother, window, sleep, feet, each, book, its, let, girl, which, any, under, hat, trees, bad, tea, fell, friends, box, there’s, looking, end, better, hot, sun, hard, floppy, really, eggs, once, please, ever, miss, most, lived, birds, duck, white, coming, he’s, giant, looks, use, dragon, pulled, we’re

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