Year 2

Class Name: Rowan

Year Group: 2

Welcome to year two also known as Rowan Class the final chapter of KS1. A year of exciting challenges to enhance learning from lower KS1 and also to prepare children for the transition to KS2.

Rowan class is filled with fantastic characters that bring something unique and special to the class. In year 2 children are encouraged to develop independence ready for them to embark further on their learning journey.

In our class we have a fun and exciting approach to learning and ensure children are happy and develop a love of school. We encourage children to share their wonderful personalities and learning experiences.

We aim to broaden these through exciting opportunities through aspects such as stimulating Learning Challenges and inspiring class visits.

Home Learning Timetable

Every Day

Read for at least 15 minutes – bring in reading book and completed reading journal to school each day to be checked. Spellings are sent home on Monday and tested every Friday. Maths homework is set on active learn on Wednesday and to be completed by Monday of the following week.

Spelling lists for the year

This list is a guide to the type of words children will need to spell at the end of KS1. It is important that pupils also recognise the different spelling patterns.

away, good, how, did, man, would, or, took, home, who, didn’t, bear, can’t, again, things , new, after, everyone, our, two, play, take, thought, find, more, I’ll, magic, shouted, us, fox, through, way, must, red, door, these, began, boy, next, first, work, that’s, baby, fish, something, bed, may, live, say, soon, small, car, couldn’t, king, town, I’ve, garden, fast, only, let’s, much, suddenly, great, why, cried, last, jumped, because, before, gran, clothes, fun, place, mother, window, sleep, feet, each, book, its, let, girl, which, any, under, hat, trees, bad, tea, fell, friends, box, there’s, looking, end, better, hot, sun, hard, floppy, really, eggs, once, please, ever, miss, most, lived, birds, duck, white, coming, he’s, giant, looks, use, dragon, pulled, we’re

Teacher & Staff